Ruiqi Li

MA 22/23

Hi, I am a designer with product design background. I am currently studying service design at the Royal College of Art. Studying at RCA has given me a deeper understanding of service design and more opportunities to communicate with people from different cultural backgrounds.

As a diversified and innovative designer, I hope that my system design thinking and unique insights on problems can bring better service experience to people and bring better changes to society🥳

Public Event 2023

This is a project cooperated with the British Red Cross to help address the shortage of young volunteers in the organisation.

From Family To Community is a parent-child community activities designed for young people under 15 years old that lets kids have fun while helping the people and environment in the community.

It enhances the British Red Cross' early intervention strategy with young people to build their confidence, strengthen their awareness and capability to care for others and their society from an early age. From Family To Community hopes to attracts young people to be engaged with the British Red Cross and retain involvement.

WIP project 2022