Riddhima D. Ramnani (Rids)

6 June 2022 - 12 June 2022
MA 2022

I am on a mission to bring compassion and empathy to the forefront of existing systems in developing nations to strengthen their relations with their internal design processes. 

Final Project

Shift Happens is a medium that co-creates future jobs with emerging talent and companies. Our main goal is to create and bring more human values into future jobs by removing the difficulties of the old-fashioned job-hunting into something more mutually respectable whilst eliminating the historical biases during the recruitment process. Making it fairer, reducing inequalities and encouraging a transparent process fit for the needs of the business in the transformation phase and emerging talents.

WIP project 2022

QuickFacts is a collection of guides that compile information based on the most common needs and inquiries of the people on probation before, during, and after their journey. It aids in navigating the people on probation to comprehend their needs and the actions/steps they must take.