Rajvi Shah

MA 22/23

Hello there! I'm Rajvi, an interdisciplinary designer specializing in service design and industrial design. Prior to joining RCA, I gained valuable experience as an Industrial Designer and UX researcher in various fields, including social impact, sustainable furniture, and home appliances.

My journey at RCA has ignited a passion within me to become a design activist, addressing complex problems in our society. Working alongside individuals from diverse backgrounds in different challenge labs, I have learned to collaborate, merging research, empathy, and creativity to drive positive change. With each project, my goal is to run experiments, gain insights, and create innovative solutions that bring joy and well-being to people's lives.

Being a designer is not solely a profession for me; it is an integral part of my identity. It has shaped my approach to problem-solving, fostering kindness and empathy. Through my work as a service designer, I strive to push boundaries and contribute to a better world by designing for social impact, inclusivity, and sustainability. With a holistic perspective and a deep understanding of available resources, I am committed to driving meaningful change through my design practice.

In my free time, I enjoy hiking, playing tennis, and listening to music. I'm an animal lover and a foodie. I find inspiration in diverse experiences and interests, constantly seeking new insights and ideas to fuel my creativity.

Public Event 2023

Women have long endured the burden of being unheard and disregarded when expressing their pain. In particular, when women describe their symptoms of chronic pelvic pain, they struggle to be taken seriously and are often misinterpreted as experiencing anxiety, sexual issues, or period pain. Rooted in underlying sexism, this problem undermines women's experiences and hampers their access to timely care. On average, women experience a staggering four-year delay in receiving the proper diagnosis for their pain.

Our project is dedicated to tackling this critical issue by improving communication about pelvic pain between female patients and general practitioners. We strive to amplify women's voices, advocate for their recognition, and foster empathy in healthcare. We aim to bridge the gap in understanding and provide better support for women experiencing pelvic pain.

Through collaboration with medical experts and organizations like Medical Herstory, we shed light on the alarming gap in women's healthcare. Join us as we work towards a more equitable and empathetic approach to women's healthcare.

WIP project 2022