Rachita Gondhali

MA 22/23

Every wicked problem is an opportunity to deconstruct and develop a new perspective that creates pathways for solutions embedded in interconnection.

Hi! I'm Rachita, a Service Designer based in London with a background in design research, visual communication and human psychology. I am passionate about applying strategic thinking to create value for 'wellbeing innovation'. I love to deconstruct complex challenges to build equitable solutions and bring clarity with powerful storytelling. Going forward, in my evolving practice as a Service Designer, I aim to work at the intersection of business and design to solve for the most pressing issues of our communities.

Being exposed to different cultures throughout my life, the curiosity to understand people is what drives my design practice. So far, I have applied this to projects related to improving mental health of female leaders in consultancies, helping women to make independent investment decisions and addressing negative aggression in young men.

Prior to receiving a scholarship to study at the RCA, I practiced design research for large-scale commercial clients after formally training as a graphic designer from Paris and Mumbai. When not dabbling in design, you can find me learning different dance forms, hula hooping or gardening.

Final Project

Violence against women and girls is an epidemic in the making. While there are effective solutions in place for survivors, victims and perpetrators, this project focuses on the belief that no human is born violent or abusive. It is the combination of factors that lead to such behaviours.

This project takes a step back, and looks at how young boys and men can learn to process emotions like anger better through elements of movement and play. It is essential to shift focus on young boys and men in order to nurture better adult men in the future.

Under the umbrella of the project, we explore how the football environment can act as a catalyst for young boys to regulate emotions better through principles of intentional movement across the process of scouting, coaching and playing. Here, movement serves as a tool for kids and adults alike to identify and express emotions to connect with themselves and their surroundings better.

WIP project 2022