Priyanjali Rane

6 June 2022 - 12 June 2022
MA 2022

My name is Priyanjali Rane and I am an Indian-born Service Designer and User Experience Designer living in London. For me, The function of design is letting design function. Design is the journey I take from problems to solutions. It's a method for delivering continuous design development while holding the customer, Business, and technology in the loop. The myriad human relationships and behaviours fascinate me the most. I look at every design challenge as an opportunity to develop products and services imbibed in the philosophy of transition and change.

Final Project

Consumer behaviour is driving sustainability, and customers are intentionally choosing to relate to brands that share their values, and they expect businesses to assist them in adapting. Cahoo is a social learning and action model that combines behaviour science concepts, the SBI Feedback Model (Situation, Behaviour, Impact), and the circle of engagement paradigm to create a new model that fosters social learning and activity. To build a circular loop, it stimulates interaction, pushes consumers to take action, and provides feedback on the consequence. It allows users to create a community-led marketplace of sustainable actions and businesses to learn and grow as a collective. Cahoo also uses gamification elements to engage its users, such as challenges, badges, and rewards.

WIP project 2022

QuickFacts is a collection of guides that compile information based on the most common needs and inquiries of the people on probation before, during, and after their journey. It aids in navigating the people on probation to comprehend their needs and the actions/steps they must take.


Sustainable Banking E.0

Young consumers are adopting a more sustainable lifestyle, discussing the main barriers to consumers behaving more sustainably, and engage more in sustainable initiatives for support and investment. In the UK and U.S., the share of Gen Z and millennials who own investments has grown by 20% and 16%, respectively, in the space of a year.* When asked, they also mentioned that they consider the ESG(Environmental, Social and Governece) aspect of a company.

Sustainable Banking E.0 is a project aimed at looking forwards trends and challenges of younger genration that are interested in making decisions that are more envirnonmental friendly and how banks and digital tools can help build accessibility.