Oliver Haoyin Yin

MA 22/23

"Use service design as a force for change, Go back to where we were..."

At the very beginning, I shot a documentary called The Current Situation of Elderly People in China in 2022. During the interview, I noticed that some of them were homosexuals. They have no children, no accompany and only have to live in the nursing home. From that moment, I realised that service design could be the appropriate approach to address these social issues, and that's why I am studying here at RCA.

Hey, finally you find me! I'm a cross-disciplinary creative practitioner with five years of experience in the design and communication industry. I respectively worked as a marketing intern at Mercer, a digital marketing strategist intern at Nissin Food Products, a designer at Yuanzhu Real Estate and so on. Nowadays, I focus more on Future Finance, Digital Services, Service Future and Digital Nomads. Service design at RCA goes beyond traditional design approaches and encompasses a holistic understanding of complex systems, user experiences, and societal implications, which provides me with a solid foundation, valuable industry connections, and a unique design perspective, setting me up for a successful career in the field.


MA Service Design, Royal College of Art 2022-2023

BA TV Cameraing, Communication University of Zhejiang 2018-2022

Minor Education, Open University of The University of JYVÄSKYLÄ June 2022

Researcher on Human Rights&Computation, University of the Arts London March-May 2022


The 4th Hong Kong Contemporary Design Award Bronze Star

The Spain ROCA Graphic and Spatial Design Award Bronze Star

The 2nd G-CROSS Creative Award Silver Star

Britain International Creative Competition Bronze Star                                         

The 6th Environment Protection Art Creation Contest Bronze Star                               

British Ecology Design Award Bronze Star

Public Event 2023

Nowadays, Genz is at a life crossroads. The final year before graduation is tough, particularly during their internship period. Many of them started their careers in fractured hybrid or remote work environments at the height of the pandemic. They’re in an experimental phase where they’re still figuring out what they want out of a job. But they’re more passionate about finding a working model that aligns with their personal values, and they want to live to work and not work to live.

While previous generations have accepted the 9-5 as a necessary evil, and even glorified the cult of productivity, GenZ is quietly quitting, pushing back, and searching for new modes of work that won’t leave them overworked and unfulfilled. And that’s where digital nomadism comes in. The opportunity to work wherever you want, all while massively improving your work/life balance, which perfectly suits the ideas of many Genz entering the workforce. 

「NómadSwap」is a platform where Two curious digital nomads embark on an exciting adventure, venturing into each other's cities to immerse themselves in new experiences, all while enjoying the comforts of each other's homes without any financial burden.

WIP project 2022