Melissa Chen

MA 22/23

As a service designer, I am passionate about discovering the neglected pain points in society and seeking gentle behavioural change as a solution. With a background in spatial and product design and experience as a UI designer, I learned to observe the design process in detail, identify users' needs from different perspectives, and deliver the right value to individual stakeholders.

I am actively working towards applying service design for social impact and sustainability, creating value at the intersection of people, business, and the environment.

Public Event 2023

As sustainable dairy farm transformation is a complex and long-term process, dairy farmers are frustrated by the financial pressure of transformation, and the public does not understand and value their efforts. At the same time, many people still love dairy products but feel guilty and ashamed while consuming milk due to the negative information they get from social media.

Dairy Dream is a service that aims to enable the farmer and consumer sides to see each other better, establish a more transparent communication mechanism, and make consumers a part of the transformation of a sustainable Dairy industry and work towards a more sustainable future.

WIP project 2022