Lin Wu

6 June 2022 - 12 June 2022
MA 2022

Final Project

VO SIMS is a professional simulation service that allows design students to experience real work in various vocational design positions. We created two types of service: One-day SIMS: 3.5-hour experience of working on fragmented tasks as adesigner in specific industries. And Project SIMS: 4-8 weeks of project experience working on a full project from 0 to complete.

WIP project 2022

The project aims to achieve a win-win situation for both users and banks by improving the humanised performance of online banking services—that is, on the one hand, allowing more people to accept online banking and enjoy the convenience of online banking, and on the other hand, promoting the digital development of banks. The service solution we provide has three parts. The first part is to educate users on the hands-on capabilities of using online banking apps through a toolkit and enhance their knowledge of digital operations. The second part operates by optimising the interaction process of online banking business processing, helping users to find the required functions clearly. The third part, by building a user feedback collection platform to better listen to users' voices.


Art Factory, a place where art is productised

We are thinking about that how might we link more ordinary artists and manufacturers through the process and strategy of service design, make this service closely related to their collaboration. and how might we incubate artistic cross-border products that benefits the artist and the manufacturer, protects the rights of both and benefits them more.

 we are booking some interviews with some artists and manufacturers to define the problems in the cooperation process. Research on a large number of artists to find our target artists. Then, we will brainstorm more general products that can be combined with artists' designs, analysing their current situation and the possibilities of combining them.