Li Ma

MA 22/23

Hi, I am Li Ma. I am a thinker and practitioner who combines sensibility and rationality. I am passionate about exploring real-world problems and possibilities using systems design thinking, empathy, and interdisciplinary approaches.

My background is in product design, and I graduated from the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in China. With three years of working experience in service and strategic design, the project covers brand systematic, commercial space experience, cultural creativity, and social innovation.

The practice at the RCA has made me aware of the importance of critically examining the 'power' of designers and thinking about 'what we cannot do'.

In the future, I look forward to exploring topics such as sustainability, healthcare, and community engagement, but an intense curiosity makes me want to embrace a more diverse range of practices. Each practice is a new creation, which is the beauty of service design.

Become or build bridges. Play a more excellent value than being defined as a certain type of designer.

Public Event 2023

This project aims to explore the connection between familial health management and emotional bonds, with the goal of addressing the lack of health awareness and management capabilities among middle-aged individuals and their adult children due to generational gaps, differences in health literacy, and lifestyle choices.

As parents transition from caregivers to care recipients, the ability and responsibility to manage health begin to shift to the next generation. How can we establish effective and easily acceptable family health connections to help alleviate the psychological stress of parents during this transition period? At the same time, how can we empower children who care for their parents to truly become new family caregivers, enhancing their own health management awareness and motivation as they aid their families?

We aspire to enhance the recognition of the unparalleled role the family unit plays as a participant in maintaining health and preventing disease, emphasizing the importance of mutual support and nurturing within the family throughout all stages of life.

WIP project 2022