Kexin Xu

6 June 2022 - 12 June 2022
MA 2022

Hi! I am a designer with an interdisciplinary design background. From product design to service design, I have been trying to find connections with people in diverse ways. 

During my time in the RCA, with a passion for designing in the real world, I have worked in diverse teams on multiple projects in business transformation, social impact, health care and speculative design. The projects partners and clients have included Vivobarefoot, Ministry of Justice, Catch22, Callely, IDEO etc. With these valuable experiences, I recently worked at Alibaba as a UX designer.

“ Empathy and systematic thinking have made me a designer, a human being.”

I believe that service design is the bridge that can connect users, stakeholders, organizations and society. In order to do that, empathy, curiosity and systematic thinking are essential as a service designer. Strong empathy can take me into not only the context of users but also the perspectives of stakeholders. A holistic view allows the value of each element in the system to be seen and combined meaningfully. Last but not the least, curiosity is the driving force behind the power to bring good to the world through design.

Final Project 2022

Lincubator is a pre-incubation service that helps inexperienced entrepreneurs match with the right incubation programme in order to extract the most value from incubators and create their unique entrepreneurial pathway. It delivers service through a set of events and a platform that consists of a matchmaking system and trial contract.

WIP project 2022

“I am” is a packaged programme aligned with a pilot led by our collaborator, Catch22, which encourages people on probation (POP) to be aware of and express themselves for their stable emotion conditions and better relationships with others. It delivers a guidance leaflet for helping navigator mentors from Catch22 to build trust with the POP and facilitate the programme.


How might we help green start-ups get on the right track in the early stages?

I am currently working on developing ways to support start-ups, especially green start-ups. It will be my final year project which aims to collaborate with start-up business incubators and green start-ups.

If you are interested in envolving in this issue, I am looking forward to hearing from you!