Kasia Bruzda

Final Show: 3rd - 4th February 2023
MA 2023

I deliver innovative digital product and service design end-to-end, most recently at Spotify and Olio, a London-based scale-up with 7M users.

My projects at the RCA focus on intricate challenges ranging from how to help refugees in accessing culturally-relevant information, support parents through a shared childcare platform, and help people with dementia and their families save treasured memories. My projects have been awarded in international competitions (Student Service Design Challenge 2022, Homeking Service Design 2022) and received support from industry partners to be taken forward. 

I believe the true value of design lies in asking questions with an open mind and without bias. With each project, I enjoy uncovering new problems and always find there is more to learn and more questions to ask.

Final Project

Attune fosters mindful documentation of memories throughout life, enabling joyful experiences and enhanced person-centred care for people living with dementia.

Attune reimagines the traditional camera roll on your phone by transforming how we capture and preserve memories. It utilises AI technology and voice recognition to incorporate sensory details such as songs, sounds, and scents, and optimises existing data on your phone. These sensory triggers spark reminiscence with friends, family and carers. Attune was co-produced with people living with dementia, and a partner organisation, Music Mirrors.

WIP project 2022

The Royal College of Art partnered with The White Eagle Appeal and leading design agency Hellon to expand U.K. services to the Ukrainian refugee community and to help define a system that could be scaled. A team of five co-designed a service concept entitled Context, a digital friend which helps newly arrived families settle in the U.K. 

Context is a browser extension which supports refugees by overlaying crowdsourced cultural interpretations of information onto existing websites. Context was developed and validated through a series of in-depth interviews, workshops and feedback sessions with members of the Ukrainian refugee community at the White Eagle Appeal.

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Dementia: Caring for the Future

One person every three seconds is diagnosed with dementia. The physical and emotional toll of dementia is hard, on the individual, and their support network. Many of us live in denial over diagnosis and possible preventive actions.

Our final project will explore the power of sensory cues, emotions, and memories for dementia patients and carers. It will also investigate support for dementia caregivers facing challenges like isolation, burnout, and the need to balance caregiving with other aspects of life. This is essential for social care reform and reducing NHS pressure.

We believe too many designers focus on beginnings and not endings, and that design could radically reshape the way the world thinks about dementia.