Juilee Ingle

Final Show: 3rd - 4th February 2023
MA 2023

I am a research-driven, multidisciplinary service and product designer with a global background in healthcare, sustainability, financial services, and innovation.

I approach design with a holistic and human-centered mindset, breaking down intricate problems to comprehend the complex relationships between users, systems, communities, and technologies. My passion lies in extending the reach of design intervention to overlooked areas, making a tangible impact on people's quality of life. By crafting empathetic and disruptive experiences, I aim to catalyze positive behaviour change and problem-solving for both individuals and businesses.

My design journey is ongoing and is woven through my diverse exposure to people and cultures across the globe.It is reflected in my work and truly marks my strength as a great collaborator who is people-centric.


  • Women's wellness company co-founder / Currently under venture building, Product/Patent pending (Accenture song X RCA)(NDA)
  • Webility- A mobility service derived from community solar to proliferate renewable energy transition benefits to the fuel stressed.
  • Monset - A platform for addressing money mindset patterns in parents and kids to alleviate financial anxiety. (Natwest X RCA)
  • Design Intervention for Identifying period absence in India (Leo Burnett, Innovation lab)(NDA)


  • Royal college of Arts, MA Service design
  • London Business School ,behavioural economics (LBS X RCA)
  • Imperial college entrepreneur journey- business development (RCA X Imperial college)
  • MIT Institute of design- Industrial Design
  • Strate School of Design , Paris


  • Service design at JP Morgan and Chase, London (2022-2023)
  • Product & Experience designer at Leo burnet Innovation Lab, India (2019-2021)
  • Product innovation Loreal ,India (2017-2018)

Final Project

Disrupting traditional norms and regulations, WeBility is a transformative service that harnesses the cheaper community solar electricity to deliver affordable local services. Our innovative local hubs, meticulously designed to cater to local community needs, become epicentres of electric mobility and various community services. WeBility democratises solar energy, the cheapest source of electricity, for everyone - irrespective of income bracket or housing situation. WeBility redefines energy accessibility, driving a sustainable future for all.

WIP project 2022

Our brand name is under a strict confidentiality agreement, thus we will use ‘Sustainable Pleasures’ below to represent our company. 

Our project is under a strict confidentiality agreement with Accenture Song who wishes to push our designs from conception to company. As a result of this partnership, the brand name, concepts, designs, prototypes, research and development, business plans, marketing strategies, and other proprietary information cannot be shared in the WIP Show 2023. 

Our service and product designs, which focus on the design and development of a new type of sex toy, have expanded the notion of sexual pleasure beyond traditional norms globally. The design of [NDA – brand name] revolutionizes the way we (society) think about sex toys, sexual pleasure, and communication around sex.