Jiaqi Wang (Vicky)

6 June 2022 - 12 June 2022
MA 2022

Hi, nice to e-meet you here!

I am a Chinese service designer and strategist with a bachelors degree in Finance and Business Administration. Prior to joining the Service Design Program in RCA, I worked in AIESEC as a project manager and joined the management trainee program of Alibaba Group

Beyond creating a smooth customer experience with deep empathy, service design for me is understanding how the business works from the root, bringing innovation into life with ethical and sustainable solutions, and essentially, making responsible social impact. Driven by my value of living diversely and striving for excellence, I think it is cool to be a global citizen and take positive responsibility for social issues. I am passionate about social enterprise in active ageing, health care and sustainable life.

I recognize the value of transdisciplinary collaborations, and I enjoy contributing my expertise in human-centred research, business strategy, and project management. Currently, I am a service design freelancer based in London. In partnership with Hangzhou government, Technology Research Association, and Huawei CSR department, I explored the potential of service design in diverse industries and disciplines.

My previous project experience includes strategic design, business model innovation, project management, design research, speculative design and multichannel experience design.

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Final Project 2022

The NextAct is a participant-led network which empowers people 65+ to engage in interest-based communities in a way which they want and foster continuous engagement between members, finally enabling healthy ageing. It  not only brings 65+ adults independence and safety but the equal right to enjoy the experience of belonging within the neighbourhood.

WIP project 2022

TIMO, a human-centred data platform, connects drivers and communities across a dynamic network of 25,000 local UK chargers. We are shaping a smooth transition to EV and a zero-carbon future worldwide.


NextAct: an age-inclusive network