Isha Ghaisas

MA 22/23

As a Graphic and UI/UX Designer, I'm studying Service Design to take the ability to craft great visuals and experiences to the next level - beyond print & screens!

My Design journey started when I was looking for all of my interests like drawing, video, psychology and coding to come together. Very early on I found my answer in Design Thinking books and made my way to the National Institute of Design (NID) in Ahmedabad. From there, an urge to move beyond the constraints of any one design discipline to solve problems holistically led me to the RCA.

My work so far has been in internal tech teams at Industrial Engineering companies and crafting Identites for small businesses. I'm looking for projects fueled by an intention of creating meaningful change (for people and the planet) by leveraging the power of beautiful visuals and technology to provide the best experience; moving across sectors like sustainability, finance, health and art.

Final Project

We can all agree that it is important to recycle. But recycling can be confusing. We know which bin most things should go in, but somehow are never quite sure. Some of us recycle a lot, but may be unintentionally "wish-cycling". Someone may have taught us, but some of just have just had to figure it out. In case something goes wrong, there’s no feedback and we seldom find out what’s wrong – especially in London apartments!

The experience of recycling right isn’t easy. Factors like councils having different rules, the effort needed, lack of visibility, misinformation don't help either. How do you navigate such a scenario and be confident that you’re recycling right?

Our everyday decisions have a big, invisible impact. Confusion and "wish-cycling" can cause contamination. People get recycling; this project aims to help people get it right.

WIP project 2022