Huayun Hu

Final Show: 3rd - 4th February 2023
MA 2023

Huayun Hu is a designer from China. 

Since 2017, she has been exploring experience design and information design. Her undergraduate background in business has helped her to deliver design to consumer value and market opportunities through viable business strategies. As a designer, she believes that people live and work in a world of interlocking systems, where many of the problems people face are dynamic, multifaceted, and inherently human. In this way, she always sees ambiguity as an opportunity.

During her time at RCA, with the intent to remain open and curious, she has always been questing how to find a delicate balance between art and business, intuition and logic, concept and execution, constraint and empowerment.

Final Project

Sober Lab is an on-site alcohol-free social experience in partnership with a group of flat chains, founded by three students from RCA Service Design.

We established a pop-up bar social experience service, with Ziroom Apartment as the representative brand flat partner, building collaboration between apartments and non-alcoholic drinks.

We believe that a sense of belonging in the neighbourhood is always more tangible than a big new city. We hope that our service will help our users maximise their limited energy in their spare time working, and to feel happiness outside of the struggles and stresses.

At present, Sober Lab is working on further refining its business model and is trying to reach out for cooperation.

Let’s get involved and Start to meet the fit within reach.

WIP project 2022

White Eagle Appeal, a non-profit organisation that has been active in volunteering to help Ukraine since the early days of the war, has a strong volunteer base that has helped many of these refugees. These volunteers have worked hard from the early stages of figuring out how to operate to the more stable system they have developed today. This time RCA and Hellon have joined to help WEA to provide better help to these refugees with their existing resources. In order to achieve this, our group hopes to achieve these aims without increasing the current workload by understanding volunteers characteristics from their perspective. Building a volunteering experience programme, which is redesigned to allow for more effective coordination of volunteer skills and efforts, enhanced motivation and engagement, improved communication and collaboration, and increased support and loyalty.