Gurpreet Dhillon

MA 22/23

As an experienced textile designer now immersed in the realm of service design, my journey has been nothing short of transformative. The skills and experiences gained in the vibrant, tactile world of textiles have greatly enriched my approach to service design, adding a unique blend of creativity, attention to detail, and user empathy.

In textile design, I learned to appreciate the harmony between aesthetics and functionality. I adapted these principles to service design, ensuring each interaction is a meaningful and seamless thread in the fabric of the overall user experience. I see each service touchpoint as a stitch, integral to the whole, shaping a design that is as pleasing as it is effective.

My approach to design is a synthesis of analytical rigor and imaginative exploration. Inspired by the nuances of human needs, I strive for designs that are user-centric, empathetic, and holistic. As I continue to navigate through service design, I am excited to broaden my horizons. I am eager to explore new methodologies, technologies, and cross-disciplinary insights, aiming to weave these novel threads into my design practice. In this ever-evolving journey, I aspire to create innovative services that not only solve problems but also deliver delightful experiences, much like a beautifully crafted piece of fabric.

Final Project

As GenZ design graduates navigate the transition from school to the professional world, they encounter unique challenges. Our project aims to understand these challenges and develop solutions to mitigate them. Through surveys, interviews, and observational studies, we gained insights into the emotional landscape and practical difficulties faced by these graduates. Using these insights, we identified key problem areas from the perspective of the graduates themselves. This information guided the development of innovative strategies and tools, such as job-matching platforms and mentorship programs. Our ultimate goal is to empower GenZ design graduates, providing them with the necessary resources to navigate their career paths confidently and successfully.

WIP project 2022