Cristiana Stanciu

6 June 2022 - 12 June 2022
MA 2022

"Who might we...?" question lover. Dots connector. Words curator.

Trying out the others' "shoes" has always been one of my superpowers in copywriting, branding and service design. And the growth mindset, innovative and analytical thinking? Just really part of my identity and approach to each type of project. At least 90% of my colleagues and companies I worked with can confirm these personal traits.

Few facts: Nominee of Student Notable Award at Core77 Design competition. Chess Player for 9 years. Volunteered for 6 weeks in Turkey and then 6 weeks in Morocco. Won a National Award in AIESEC in my leadership experience term.

Looking forward to get in touch with a company embodying values such as: Integrity, Empathy, Impact and Innovation.

If you work for one, let's connect!

Final Project 2022

WIP project 2022

Socialising is an important factor affecting the financial situation of emerging adults, both in real life and virtually on social media, and the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) mentality often leads them to overspend and thus always struggle to balance their social life and personal financial management.

To help emerging adults cope with the financial pressures of FOMO, we have developed Beacome, a goal-based (set-plan-approach-achieve) peer support community. The strategy of Beacome is to counteract negative FOMO by creating positive FOMO.

Beacome combines a service framework with specific behaviour change models and a peer support model, which will not only help to achieve short-term goals, but also help young people to develop better consumption habits and make better decisions in the long term. 


Beacome is a project mostly based on taking advantage of human biases and we turn them into tools that enhance positive spending behaviours. Social influence can make you spend more money, but how can we turn the social environment into a supportive source for fulfilling our goals?

In the current project "Beacome" we make everything about saving money easier for young people.

We create a context for them to clarify and set goals in an interactive way, calculate how much their goals cost for making them feel a little bit more tangible and closer for them, they connect to a group of people with similar interests and goals in real life that can enhance their knowledge & support each other on the goals roadtrip, and then they get rewarded with a discount of their dreamy experience if they achieved what they've proposed to.

We aim to turn online connections into offline ones, so if one is progressing can meet another member on the same level as him/her in progress, and they get a suggestion to meet each other at a local discounted coffee.