Chen Dang

Final Show: 3rd - 4th February 2023
MA 2023

Hello, I am Chen, a service designer in the process of thinking and growing. With a background in science and engineering, I have been in contact with service design for five years. For me, as a new field, this has increased my awareness and understanding of myself and my life. I see service design as a discipline with infinite power and room for exploration, and I look forward to all the unknown challenges and innovations.

Final Project

Island provides support services to the large population of cancer patients in China. Island integrates resources that already exist in the market and is a guide for cancer patients to start their new life. At the same time, Island provides a platform for specialists to work and create, enhancing visibility and influence. Island provides publicity and promotion for medical companies and provides a platform for organisations and institutions to promote their business.

Island combines the characteristics of the Chinese healthcare system to enhance the experience of cancer patients by meeting their needs, and forming an exclusive network and chain of interests.

WIP project 2022

OMO is a service that helps children spread their creativity during play. It builds a creative ecosystem connecting the community with children's creativity. 

OMO’s service is split into three stages: 1. Collect 2. Collaborate 3. Spread. The service first collects the creative artwork that children create during play. Then uses it to collaborate with other playgrounds and the communities. Lastly, it would spread this idea and connection to a wider audience, such as industries. 

Through this service we aim to encourage children’s creativity during play while using this creativity as a tool for social cohesion.