Cala Del Río

MA 22/23

I am a service designer that has participated in the creation of innovative design solutions in public service, private consultancy, and academic research contexts, always applying design methods to preserve the creative drive of an idea. As a systemic thinker, I look for connections between disparate areas and create narratives that bring value and meaning to diverse projects. I am a photographer too, and have a keen interest in curation and the creative industry.

Public Event 2023

Fresh Start is a research and design initiative that aims to bridge the gap in holistic care between mental health and adult social care using a cleaning as care approach. After understanding the cycle in which users are trapped, we discovered that the bidirectional effect environmental care can have over mental health and vice versa can be detrimental to long term healing journeys when tackled only directly through medical services like therapy.  Through our approach of cleaning as care, we can support those who need help on their healing journeys using the vehicle of cleaning in promoting long-term well being. This non-medical, service based intervention will support people focusing on the key pillars of reeducation + messaging, action + support, and community & care.

You can find a short video that summarizes our aim here.

WIP project 2022