Akshata Chitnis

MA 22/23

I come from a unique trans-disciplinary design background with deep-rooted knowledge across behavioural psychology, product design, gamification, interaction design, emerging technologies and systems thinking. Through my educational and professional experiences I have been able to develop a keen ability to transition between roles of a researcher, thinker, facilitator and strategist to deliver solutions closer to people, community and organisations. My strength lies in visualising, holistically evaluating and implementing creative solutions for complex multi-stakeholder ecosystems. Fuelled by my empathy, curiosity and agile collaboration I hope to create positive social impact through my work. 

Final Project

Interwoven aims to bring back healthy inter-generational bonds that we lost over the years as a result of self-sufficiency driven innovations and services to address the issues of isolation in old age. Through this project we take a community-first approach to weave small acts of healthy dependency that allow us to build healthy relationships between generations.

WIP project 2022