Akriti Sharma

MA 22/23

I am a service designer, researcher, and pedagogist dedicated to creating positive change in the world through the application of design thinking. My work is grounded in the principles of co-creation, empathy, and ethnographic research, which I believe are essential for driving meaningful and impactful solutions.

With a diverse background, I have had the opportunity to work across various industries, including education, prisons, healthcare, and finance. Despite the unique challenges presented by each sector, my consistent focus has been on placing people at the center of my work. By understanding their needs, desires, and aspirations, I can create solutions that truly resonate and address their pain points.

In my projects, I prioritize researching with diverse users. I strongly believe that incorporating a wide range of perspectives leads to more inclusive designs. By engaging with individuals from different backgrounds and contexts, I gain valuable insights that inform the creation of accessible and user-centric solutions.

Furthermore, I actively design for extreme users, who have unique needs and experiences. By pushing the boundaries of accessibility, I ensure that my designs accommodate a wide range of users. This approach enables me to develop solutions that not only meet the needs of the majority but also cater to the specific requirements of those with unique challenges.

Final Project

WIP project 2022


Reinventing Retirement

Our project is aimed to envision the future of retirement, grounding our design in the attitudes, behaviors, and needs of our younger generations (focus on Gen Z). Our focus on Gen Z is as an example “extreme” user or sharp divergence from the behavior of past generations. However, our solution should ultimately suit all “non-traditional workers.”

We imagine a world where people may confidently take ownership of their savings and saving benefits can be delivered flexibly.