Aishwarya Narvekar

MA 22/23

Aishwarya is a Service Designer with expertise in Design Research and a background in Product Design. A key focus of her practice is making the research and design process participatory and tangible.

She has worked on diverse projects in education, healthcare, and emerging technologies, specializing in research, experience design, and game design. As a Product Design Graduate from the National Institute of Design (NID), India she has worked on design-led problem-solving for local communities across topics like education, special needs, juvenile reforms, and social innovation as a designer, researcher, and facilitator.

She is keen on exploring the strategic role of design in driving transformational change within systems to create products and services better aligned with all people. She is especially interested in the application of service design in governance, mobility, and financial services.

Final Project

‘Buy Now Pay Later’ is an innovative financial product that has disrupted the traditional credit and lending industry by allowing consumers to spread the cost of their purchases into multiple instalments with no interest.

Through this project, we focused on GenZ’s relationship with spending money through an emotional lens to understand how strategies like BNPL or virtual credit can better support them in meeting their present and future needs.

WIP project 2022