Abhipsha Ray

Open Studio: 3rd - 4th February 2023
MA 2023

Abhipsha is a designer working across fields of social impact and ecology to create systems, services and tools that promote social welfare. She uses design methodologies to develop relevant interventions that support community welfare and development. She has developed a deep desire and curiosity to understand complex systems and users, and explore the full potential of service design to deliver holistic and future proof solutions.

In her words: "In an ever-changing world "Design is change" and it is imperative to recognise the power one holds as a creative to make changes to break down systems of injustice by asking hard questions and implementing meaningful solutions. Each incoming challenge is a reminder of all that could be rethought and redesigned. 

Within this immense scope, as an incoming designer into the real-world, I am excited for the opportunities that don't shy away from the messiness of the world but rather embraces it."

Experience and skillsets:

Abhipsha has a diverse range of experience in her career as a product, service and systems designer from retail to consulting; from hardware to soft-goods; from graphic design to 3D prototyping. She has developed a range of skills and compatibilities which allows her to adapt and learn quickly in a professional environment. She is currently working as an associate consultant at a London based social impact consulting to further her knowledge and experience and find herself as a creative problem solver.

final project 2022

WIP project 2022

EVE is a cooperative social enterprise aiming to promote and propel sustainable practices in the hospitality sector by creating visibility of better choices and actions through our platform and putting people, planet, and purpose before profit. EVE delivers as an environmental accreditor, by recognising and running initiatives to constantly improve industry practices collectively, a digital marketplace to connect eco-conscious customers to EVE-verified businesses, and a rewards program to reinforce choices.

Our project aimed to bring environmental value into the economic and social value exchanges of a night out, to create visibility for environmentalism within nightlife, and to make sustainability mainstream and fun. As change comes from the community, we wanted to convene and empower a collaborative community to want better and lobby for change, whilst ensuring the progression to a more sustainable and ethical hospitality industry.