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Design Futures, Bacteria, Beneficial Bacteria, Healthcare, Healthy

MA 22/23
Bacteria, Beneficial Bacteria, Healthcare, Healthy

After Covid-19, attitudes towards bacteria have become more negative. People try to protect themselves by over-cleaning and using medicines to kill germs. But not all bacteria are bad, and many are even good for our health. And this can cause the imbalance of bacteria in our body, which will lead to various diseases.

Therefore, how to maintain the bacterial environment and balance, so as to help everyone form a sustainable relationship with bacteria, then help us improve our health is a difficult problem.

We hope to use Vital Verse to detect users' bacteria and provide reliable and professional bacteria consulting services, so as to supplement users' knowledge of bacteria and build users' trust in bacteria. And then provides users with the required bacteria maintenance products, and gradually builds the user's personal bacteria management system, and finally realizes the bacteria health management service, thereby maintaining the health of the user's bacteria.

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Now three years into the experience of COVID-19, the disease has psychologically made our fears of bacteria even worse. Therefore, after the epidemic, everyone pays more and more attention to their own health. Two-thirds of people in the UK are willing or have increased their investment in health and care. Most people will choose to buy health products, clean frequently, and use disinfection products to protect themselves or their families from the virus.

But as time goes by, we find that the prevalence of people continues to increase, and the number of NHS visits continues to increase every year. Why is this happening now.

This is because people's attitudes towards bacteria have become more negative due to the epidemic. Everyone is thinking about how to eliminate bacteria to maintain their own health. But the truth is, not all bacteria are bad, and there are even many bacteria that are good for our health. Even the development of various systems in our body requires the support of these bacteria.

About bacteria health:

Through research, we found that everyone has a bacteria in their body. These bacteria communities can be divided into three categories: probiotics, pathogenic bacteria and neutral bacteria. These bacteria exist in our body in a state of balanced coexistence, thereby regulating and stimulating the development of the host's immune, nervous, endocrine, and other systems, thereby improving our health. At the same time, under the regulation of neurones, neurotransmitters, hormones and immune mediators, these bacteria have established a strong connection between the gut and the brain, thereby stabilising our emotions, brain development, etc.

And if these bacteria need to make the human body system develop, they need to be stimulated by the environmental bacteria, so that the neutral bacteria can turn the probiotics into pathogenic bacteria, so as to stimulate the long-term and effective development of the human body system. But because of our negative attitude towards bacteria, our behaviours such as drug abuse, excessive cleaning, and bad living and eating habits affect the normal operation of our internal bacteria and destroy the interaction between environmental bacteria and human bacteria. This has caused the problem of the imbalance and disappearance of the bacteria, affecting the healthy development of our health, so the probability of disease has increased significantly.

Problem statement:

How to maintain the balance of the bacterial environment that has been destroyed, and help everyone form a harmonious symbiotic relationship with bacteria, so as to regulate and stimulate the healthy development of individuals?

Our service:

Vital Verse will detect the user's personal bacteria, provide reliable and professional bacteria consulting services, and provide users with the bacteria maintenance products they need. At the same time, the user's personal bacteria management system will be gradually built to monitor the user's daily behavior and display the health status of the user's bacteria, so as to adjust the ratio of bacteria maintenance products, realise the bacteria health management service, and maintain the health of the user's bacteria. It is hoped that this can supplement users' knowledge of the bacteria, build users' trust in the bacteria, and ultimately maintain the health of the bacteria of users, and build a benign relationship between users and bacteria in a harmonious symbiosis.


We would like to thank everyone who participated and supported us throughout this process. Thanks to all those who participated in our questionnaires, interviews and workshops, shared their insights and reflections with us, and used their experience to promote this project. Thanks to the peers around us for their help and support for our project. Finally, a special thanks to our project mentor, Nicolas Rebolledo Bustamante, who gave us encouragement and guidance throughout the design process, helped us burst out more perspectives and inspirations in the development of the project, and provided great help and support.

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