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Work from Anywhere

MA 22/23
Flexible working, future of work, lifestyle, work style, work from anywhere

Have you ever dreamt about having an office in different cities that you can go to whenever you wish?

Whether you are a digital nomad, a remote worker, a freelancer, or just want to visit a city but save your annual leave, Off-Office will make working-from-anywhere a practical reality!

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Signals and Trend

The UK Parliament is working on the Flexible Working Bill. Remote working is thriving. Four-day work week is a success.

All these signals point to one trend — greater flexibility at work.

Capturing this trend, I introduce the concept of Working from Anywhere. If you already can decide where and how to work, why not working from a place that's neither your office or your home but somewhere you always want to go?


When I brought this concept to people, both employees and employers, there were a lot of problems.

These concerns point to one need — the need of a real work environment even when working from anywhere.

But where can flexible workers find such a workplace in their destination?

The answer is ... Off Office!

Off Office is a platform to facilitate flexible working-from-anywhere.

It is:

  • For businesses to post their underused office spaces;
  • For flexible work people to find an off-site office in their working-from-anywhere destination.

Service Flow

Let's dive a little more deeply to see how Off Office works.

What do people say

When I brought Off Office to people, I received more positive reactions as this platform solves the problems previously raised.

One of the most mentioned benefits is the chance to connect with host employees and the company itself to build potential collaborations, expand the network and even explore new entrepreneurial opportunities!

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