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Plant it, Connect it, Balance it

MA 22/23
Mental healthy, Community, Green space, Horticultural therapy

OasisEase aims to create a supportive community garden environment through an online platform, providing engaging gardening activities for individuals living alone with limited time, finances, and space. Our goal is to effectively alleviate their stress, anxiety, and depression in the early stages of daily life.

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Early psychological stress intervention prevents future escalation.

Increasing numbers of people want to access mental health services. However, current service resources are insufficient to meet the growing demand, resulting in longer waiting times and no guarantee that those who need help will receive it.

How can we help people reduce stress, anxiety, and depression on the early stage?

This solution may have the following characteristics:

  • Allows for self-care and self-love
  • Activities that can be done in person
  • Social support and interpersonal relationships
  • It can be used to set a clear and achievable goal

Based on the research, we found that the way of using horticultural therapy meets almost all the needs of people to relieve stress, anxiety and depression at the early stage.



Observing plants grow can bring a sense of confidence and achievement, relieving loneliness that people feel when living alone at home.

Interview 01 : It's very healing to watch the plants grow and it's nice to harvest the fruits at the end. I sometimes feel lonely when I live alone and having plants makes me feel homely.

By growing the same plants together, different people can enhance their social connection with each other.

Interview 02 : Because I move frequently, I plant potato seedlings in my office with my colleagues and we often share tips and experiences on how to care for the plant. Our common interest in plants has brought us closer together and fostered friendship and bonding in the workplace.

When individuals are away from home due to factors like frequent moving or traveling, plants can suffer from neglect and wither due to a lack of care and attention.

Interview 03 : Whenever I'm away on a trip or for business, I rely on my friends to take care of my plants. However, I can't help but feel anxious about their condition while I'm gone. I wish for professional plant care.

Enhancing the reach of individuals involved in the horticultural environment can be effective in using the impact of plants to relieve stress.

Interview 04 : Community gardens provide services mainly to women and children, operate during limited working hours, and face location-related difficulties.


How might we empower individuals living alone to actively engage with plants, despite constraints of time, finances, and space, to overcome feelings of loneliness and stress?


The Problem:

  • Young people living alone in apartments lack the means to reasonably cope with feelings of isolation and stress.
  • The lack of affordable gardening knowledge and resources makes it difficult for them to find a sustainable solution.
  • There is a lack of ways to meet other plant lovers to help people find new friends through a common hobby.


  • Accessible and abundant growing spaces in London at your fingertips
  • Addressing the issue of abandoned plants during relocation
  • Facilitating shared plant care and fostering new social connections
  • Collaborating with plant institutions to offer enhanced and expert plant knowledge


By promoting positive interaction with plants, it enables people living alone to overcome time, financial and spatial constraints. This not only improves their overall well-being, but also relieves inner anxiety, reduces stress and depression.

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