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Support single parents

MA 22/23
New families, Single parents, Equality, Stigma

Our services and products aim to support Chinese families of single parenting seeking community and social support. We aim to reduce bias and misunderstandings influenced by traditional culture.

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According to the data as of 2020, 1,465,000 children were born into unmarried families, representing a 43.5% increase compared to the previous census 2010.

These types of families often face negative perceptions in the public eye, being deemed invisible and fragmented. Some people still hold the belief that "unmarried parents are immoral," "parents betray the institution of marriage," and "children raised in such families encounter numerous issues." These negative labels result in single-parent families being treated unfairly.

With such a significant number of single-parent families, what can we do to support them?

Key Insights

HMW Statement

How might we help single parents who face challenges in relationship education within family-based teaching by providing them with guidance and tools from a broader community and support network to boost their confidence and create a sense of ease?


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