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Understand and diversify your future

MA 2022
Pandemic effect, Risk Resistance Capacity, Transferable Skills, Customer Interation, Career Planning

Diversee is an online community that helps on-site customer service employees self-identify the value of their skills, match or diversify their skills to meet the demands of the current job market, develop their own methods for planning their careers, and seek the experience of experts to overcome the impacts of redundancy.

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Due to Covid-19 and automation, the retail and real estate industries are facing threats. Employees specialising in on-site customer interaction are now at risk of losing their job.

Even after the markets start to pick up, the impact still remains. Changes brought by automation and the pandemic have altered the customer service environment and function, and unemployment has increased as a result. To face these challenges, many employees have had to either renew their skills or consider changing careers.


The biggest pain point for such people is the lack of understanding of the ever-changing market and their own strategies/methodologies that help them make better choices and plan their careers.

Employees specialising in on-site customer service are well versed in the soft skills required for face-to-face interaction, however, the value of those skills is downplayed by the employees themselves. McKinsey and Deloitte both predict that soft skills are going to be more important in a world filled with technology, but instead, some customer service employees think it's a disadvantage to lack hard skills. As a result, these employees who are facing career threats are stuck; they think they lack opportunities but are worried about making poor career choices.


How might we help customer service employees understand and diversify their career options by providing self-diagnostic tools so they can build their own methodology to make their careers more sustainable?


There are 4 phases to the solution: 1. Self Actualisation 2. Understanding the Market 3. Build a Strategy/Methodology 4. Take Action & Sustain

To address the original pain point, Diversee helps users to understand their skill sets, connect with experienced experts in their desired field, and provide access to a database of experiences led by other people in the same situation. Diversee is a new start-up and a 3rd party service.

The final form of the service will be an App that enables people to test, connect and learn from the online community, and gradually develop their own strategy and methodology for themselves and their future careers.

Value map

As a third-party service, Diversee will help users with the anxiety they face when trying to make their careers more sustainable. Experts can utilise their experiences to generate part-time income through Diversee, and cooperations can use Diversee to access a network of individuals ready for recruitment. For society, Diversee can help to reduce the rate of unemployment and build a community of progress which helps to build their resistance against risks to better deal with the future.


Special thanks to my tutor Hanna and Clive, who gave meprecious guidance and valuable feedback; to my interviewees, who shared theirexperience and gave important feedback; and to my classmates like Xiao,Stanley, Zhaohan who had helpful discussion with me.

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