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Future Museums as Healing Landscapes for Mental Wellness

MA 2024
Mental Wellbeing, Creative Health, Museum, Social Prescribing, Future Design

Our project aim to explore how could the future of museums in London leverage their own resources to collaborate with healthcare sectors and local organisations to benefit both the participants and stakeholders then nurturing a healthier, more supportive society.

By exploring mental well-being and social prescribing initiatives in museums, we try to understand how museums can play an important role in health care and expanding current benefits while seeking the potential for integration with healthcare systems or determining how museums can effectively participate in social prescribing programmes network.

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Over 8 millions of people in the UK are experiencing mental health issue like anxiety disorder at any one time, and the rise in mental health issues is increasing pressure on healthcare systems.

Museums, recognized as vital cultural assets and infrastructure, provide significant emotional and physical support for individuals facing mental health challenges, as highlighted by research. They hold great potential to serve as healing landscapes.


Our target users come from diverse backgrounds and are at high risk of poor mental wellbeing, including those with anxiety, depression, and social isolation.

To better understand their characteristics, we categorized users for museum activities using the axes of Familiarity with Museums and Acceptability of Non-clinical Services to tailor interventions more effectively.

We identified three user groups: Cultural Enthusiasts, Skeptical Explorers, and Unfamiliar Beginners.

How Might We Statement

Our service design direction focuses on addressing the needs and pain points of potential users before, during, and after their use of existing creative health services.

  1. How might we raise the awareness of creative health programmes in museum for users by breaking down the barriers to understand and access to the programmes so that users could benefit from the diverse and inclusive service to foster mental wellbeing?
  2. How might we boost their motivation by creating an emotional safety, inclusive, connective and personalised experience so that they can complete the programme to make engagement being continuous and meaningful and eventually foster their mental wellbeing?
  3. How might we extend the effectiveness of creative health programmes by optimising the programmes and developing after-session support so that their mental wellbeing is maintained over time?

Value Proposition

Our service aims to enhance the therapeutic potential of museums, making them accessible and supportive spaces for mental well-being.

  • Transform the role of museums in the community by bringing museums to people through highly mobile and flexible spaces integrated into the community.
  • Strengthen creative health awareness in museums by providing mental health assistance and personalized support.
  • Fostering a thriving alumni community that encourages continuous participation and growth.

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