Graham's Guide for Digital Being

We tend to repress how helpless technology makes us feel. Graham's Guide helps us be more mindful with technology so that we can become better digital beings.
Andrew Seetoh
Independent project
Modern Machines and their Effects on Everyday Life
With technology being more digital, it has never been more intertwined with our lives. The project explores how we interact with analogue and digital machines to then design a preferable outcome.
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What is Digital Being?
It's a mix of our physical and virtual selves. Many of our abilities are augmented by technology, and we do many things digitally. We are like contemporary centaurs, half-man and half-modern machine. Our physical and digital lives can be different, but they interrelate. A better digital being is someone mindful about that balance.


Graham's Guide is mostly digital in the form of a website. Its goal is to create a community by being a resource for being mindful with technology. We do this by creating useful tips and tools that you can use and share.


Starting with an awareness campaign. We are encouraging people to put googly eyes on their devices. A fun way to add more character and make them social objects. Doing so will let you be more conscious of how you use your tech and their presence. Join us #eyesondevice
We shape our technology
...and afterwards, our technology shapes us. No matter who you are, you can make a difference. Step by step, a ripple effect. Find out more at
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