Disrupting Cultures Powerhouse

Disrupting Cultures is the result of a speculative work that explores how the power of arts and culture-based initiatives can help the corporate sector build more inclusive and empathetic work environments where different ways of being & seeing the world are valued and fostered.
Cecilia Santucho
Independent project
Financial sustainability in arts and culture
The main goal of this project was to address the challenge of financial sustainability that many art and cultural organisations face today, by exploring innovative ways to create and deliver value without compromising their artistic and social missions. The financial sustainability challenge is not new. Since the economic crisis of 2008, many cultural organisations started to re-design and develop their business models to overcome the reduction in public funding that affects their funding models. For instance, just in the UK public funding has decreased by 20% in the last decade. Considering that this challenge could have been addressed from many different perspectives, I chose to focus on exploring how to design a new cultural service for the Corporate Sector that leverages the creative network and production capacities of cultural organizations, and that goes beyond traditional sponsorship or membership offerings.
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What is Disrupting Cultures?
Disrupting Cultures is a creative powerhouse hosted in a leading cultural organisation with a strong creative network and a powerful production capacity, that helps organisations & companies build inclusive and empathetic environments where people have opportunities to embrace and value their diversity and thrive together. The creative powerhouse uses art and culture, combined with technology and science, to create and deliver tailored immersive cultural experiences that help people working in the organisation to: - build awareness about our social and cultural conditioning that can prevent us from valuing people’s diversity; - hack assumptions that limit people's ability to enrich their perspective and vision of a diverse world; - generate empathy to champion inclusive behaviours.

What does Disrupting Cultures offer?

Disruption Cultures Powerhouse offers to design and create immersive cultural experiences in many different formats, from medium and large size single installations, ephemeral interventions, or a complete take-over of a building where many cultural experiences can happen at the same time, as a site-specific festival.

How does Disrupting Cultures work?

Disrupting Cultures designs & creates immersive cultural experiences based on five principles: 1) Territoriality: the immersive cultural experiences are delivered at the company or in its surroundings, where employees are able to engage whenever they want; 2) Alignment with the company’s challenges: the scope of the cultural service is defined with the company [the client] to understand the inclusion challenges that need to be addressed; 3) Participatory design: the immersive cultural experiences are designed through a co-creative process with the people working in the companies [the end-audience]; 4) Collective production: the immersive cultural experiences are produced & delivered working in partnership with different stakeholders in the cultural organisations’ creative network; 5) Visual monitoring & feedback.
To know more about the Disrupting Cultures Powerhouse value proposition, its associated theory of change, its business model, the key stakeholder validation map, or the methodology used to develop the proposal, please feel free to contact me, I am more than happy to share it with you: Cecilia.santucho@network.rca.ac.uk
special thanks
I would like to thank all the people who contributed to my project by giving me their time during these unusual moments and for sharing their experiences, thoughts and opinions. A special thanks to Luciana Blasco, Secretary of Cultural Policies and New Audiences of the Buenos Aires City Government, for her collaboration and feedback. And other special thanks to my tutor Marta Ferreira de Sá for her constant support and kind guidance.
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