BUMPINTO is a music service platform to match and support early-stage musicians to innovate new music culture.
Kiyohiro Izumo
Independent project
Create new music culture
Musicians’ careers are very challenging, especially during the early stages due to lack of networks, knowledge and financial resources. Moreover, musicians tend to suffer from of mental health issues. BUMPINTO supports their career development physically and mentally to help develop new music culture.
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Why Music?
Music has long history, longer than our spoken language, and music has always been a huge part of our cultures.

To provide unique music careers through a matching and support system

BUMPINTO is a music platform which matches and supports musicians in order to build clear career journeys at the early-stage/career development stage.

To make some noise with our enthusiastic supporters

BUMPINTO converts music fans to be more active audiences transforming them from passive consumers to engaging with musicians physically and digitally. BUMPINTO creates audience communities as well for the musicians to be supported by their enthusiastic fans who are passionate about supporting and engaging with them.
Feeling excited to get involved with the BUMPINTO community? We invite you to our secret gig.
BUMPINTO creates more opportunities for both, musicians and music fans. We invite musicians to Secret-Gigs to get feedback, motivation and support from fans, and the fans can engage with new emerging artists at very close distance within an immersive atmosphere.
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