Sustainable Solutions

12:00 pm
1:30 pm

MA 2020/2022
Frequent and severe environmental problems have led people to realize the importance of sustainablility. Design thinking provides new solutions to sustainable products and services and opens up more accessible paths to a more conscious world. How do we approach sustainable design in our daily life? What are the challenges of eco-friendly product design in the supply chain? How can design help raise awareness of environmental crisis in schools, communities and other public spaces? Could design connect the worlds of business and environmental protection? In this event, Jonas Pettersson (CEO and co-founder of Form Us With Love) and a panel of academics will show us how to tackle sustainability challenges with design thinking with their inspiring stories. The speech will be followed by student showcases and time for Q&A.
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Jonas Pettersson
CEO of Form Us With Love Design Studio
Jonas acts as Form Us With Love’s primary design strategist, defining the overall vision that informs the studio’s work with partners and the ventures pursued in-house. In addition to being vital in fostering their capable design team, he shares his unique knowledge of design and its business to emerging brands and industry leaders, communicating Form Us With Love’s vision of designing real change. Jonas is from Norrköping, Sweden.
Jasmin Järvinen
Project Manager for Aalto Green Nudges programme; Trainee at Aalto Sustainability Hub
Jasmin is a graduate from the Aalto University School of Arts, where she majored in Art Education. She has a strong focus on social justice and equality matters through feminist and queer pedagogy. She challenges everyone to question and reflect on their current practices as a part of more socially and ecologically sustainable future.
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