Social Resilience and Impact

12:00 pm
1:30 pm

MA 2020/2022
We are in a time of pursuing social value and impact under an unpredictable environment with complex problems, which is why it is important for us to learn, explore and establish the capability to foresee the trend throughout the networks. With more interaction and engagement in the communities, we can encourage people to improve and make a better resilience in our society together. We need to understand what are the difficulties and challenges that people are facing in different social issues, especially during the pandemic. How do public and private sectors utilise limited resources and capacity to make a social impact? And how do they contact each other with collaboration in the communities? In this event, Noel Hatch, Head of Strategy Camden Council and Sarah Holiday, Founder of Telescope will share with us their experience in tackling the social issue with co-design, collaboration through their network and the key insights to learn. The speech will be followed by showcasing student projects in community, emerging technology, policy areas, and Q&A discussion.
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Noel Hatch
Head of Strategy at Camden Council
As Head of Strategy at Camden Council Noel mobilises senior leaders across different sectors to develop, accelerate & embed strategic change. Through providing leadership across an organisation and with partnerships in strategy, transformation, insight, service design and whole systems change, he has enabled councils such as Ealing, Lambeth and Kent and other partners to shift to new ways of working and ensure that strategic change is embedded on the ground.
Sarah Holliday
Co-founder of Telescope
Sarah is co-founder of Telescope, a social enterprise that bridges the gap between policymakers and people working on the frontline of social issues. By facilitating connection and sharing practical tools from service design and systems thinking, Telescope programmes empower people on both sides of this divide to become social innovators and changemakers. Sarah has a scientific background in solar energy research, as well as charity and public sector innovation through Year Here. She is passionate about democratising the tools of science, technology and innovation, enabling and championing unheard voices with great ideas. As a design researcher at Nesta, Sarah works to understand and support diverse groups of innovators from society to develop smart solutions to social and environmental challenges.
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