RESET Wellbeing

29th June
3:40 pm
4:45 pm

Final Show 2022

MA 2020/2022
As Wellbeing takes greater precedence in our everyday life, influencing our fitness, nutrition habits, and bodily and psychological health, RESET Wellbeing explores new ways of living. Student's projects explore how individuals can better manage their physical and mental health, boost self-esteem and prevent catastrophic health events and how societies can dismantle negative health stigmas and empower migrant communities to improve Wellbeing. Joining us to understand the complexity of Service Design in Health is strategic Leader & Healthcare Innovation Specialist, Alex Barclay.
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Alex Barclay
Senior Director of Design at Alvarez & Marsal + Fuzzy
Alex is a senior leader and ‘design for good’ pioneer who believes in ‘making things that make people’s lives better.’ He has worked in the healthcare and life sciences for over 20 years, helping small, medium and large-sized organisations transform how and what they do to deliver value quickly and sustainably. His practice integrates ‘big picture’ systems-thinking, human-centred design methods, business strategy and new technology to create behaviour changing products, services and business models. In previous roles Alex has led teams for Boston Consulting Group, Accenture Interactive, and a number of digital design studios. Alex’s non-profit activities include running, a rapid innovation ‘do tank’ comprised of advanced practitioners in health, design, technology and strategy. He lives in London.
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