RESET Learning + Workplaces

30th June
11:30 am
1:20 pm

Final Show 2022

MA 2020/2022
RESET Workplaces explores new ways of adapting to the future of work, projects consider the seismic shift in the world that has normalised remote-working and consequently our relationship with cities, space, and organisations—moreover, the need to address employees' inequalities and needs. RESET Learning investigates new ways of gaining and sharing knowledge. Projects transcend traditional learning modes to explore new inclusive possibilities, such as learning in 'transitions' during significant life events and supporting those with autism to discover their talents. Joining us in conversation is Chris Moore, a sense maker of patterns in complex organisations and Nicole Knott, who is reimagining the future of work.
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Nicole Knott
Nicole Knott is a Managing Director at Accenture
Nicole Knott is a Managing Director at Accenture supporting Financial Service clients. She is seasoned with 15 years experience driving large, global HR Transformations. Her focus has been on innovative transformations, incorporating cutting-edge technology in trailblazing programmes. She is passionate about reimaging the future of work enabled by technology to yield unique workforce experiences that deliver stronger business results and healthier employees. 2018 Women of the Future Shortlisted Award in Technology & Digital and recognized as 2019 and 2018 Top 200 Women in Technology in UK.
Chris Moore
Consultant at Thoughtworks
Chris is a consultant at Thoughtworks advising client leadership teams to help them connect their strategic intent into action. Chris is particularly interested in questions of how we understand organisations and what it means to intentionally design for the future of work in a hyper-connected world. As well as working as a consultant, Chris is a PhD researcher at the Royal College of Art where his research is exploring the role of metaphor as a design resource in organisational change.
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