Tuesday 28th June
3:15 pm
5:00 pm

Final Show 2022

MA 2020/2022
The opening seminar marks the 10th anniversary of the Service Design course at the RCA and the launch of this year's theme Press RESET, which critically and thoughtfully explores new ways of being and existing in the world. Joining us will be renowned Service Designer Lou Downe, founder of The School of Good Services and DR. Luke Roberts, Complex System Thinking Expert and creator of Resolve Consultants. Who will critically explore how Service designers can navigate complex problems to create services that work. This event will also introduce the key themes and student projects to be explored during the week.
Explore themes:
Lou Downe
Founding Director of the School of Good Services + Author of Good Services
Lou Downe is the author of Good Services, the bestselling book on how to design services that work and the founding director of the School of Good Services Lou is the former Director of Design for the UK Government where they founded the discipline of service design, growing a 2000 strong team of designers into one of the largest, and most influential design teams in the UK - winning a Designs of the Year award and a D&AD lifetime achievement award Before this Lou’s career spanned big cultural organisations, telcos, banks and most of the regulated industries you can think of where they developed an expertise for developing services under challenging conditions Lou is a hugely experienced and engaging coach and speaker and delivers the majority of courses and coaching here at the school Links:
Hanna Kops
Head of Experience at Transport for London
Hanna Kops is Head of Experience at Transport for London, leading a team of designers responsible for experience strategy, innovation and design across all digital channels. In 2002, Hanna co-founded design studio AiiRBAG in New York City. For the following six years, Hanna and her partners created work ranging from print to digital, primarily working for cultural and public sector organisations. In 2008 Hanna came to London and has since led a number of interdisciplinary design teams and overseen many high-profile strategic service design projects, first as Head of Experience Design at Seren EY and then as Design Director at Nile. During this time her clients included O2, Orange, Virgin Media, Vodafone, NHS Choices and the Department of Health. Hanna holds an MA in Cultural Studies from the University of Bremen. Her studies focused on anthropology, technology, art history and design.
Dr Luke Roberts MBA, MEd
CEO at Resolve Consultants Ltd
Dr Luke Roberts has spent over 20 years in the conflict resolution field working with schools, prisons, charities, and communities to address conflict situations. During this time, he became increasingly concerned that many projects were not able to be sustained. His PhD focused on Complex Adaptive Systems and how they can sustain change in organisations. Since completing his PhD in 2020, he has been working with NHS Leadership Academy North East and Yorkshire on Thinking in Systems. As well as delivering System Change for leaders at Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation as part of a post-COVID response. His interests are in systemic solutions such as belonging and inclusion, playful cultures and community peace. He has been a visiting lecturer at the RCA for 2 years.
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