Future of Work

9:00 am
10:30 am

MA 2020/2022
Covid-19 has not only brought new work conditions but also amplified existing behaviours impacting our mental health. Online work, 'always-on' attitudes and flexible hours have accelerated the use of new management styles and communication tools. How might we, as service designers, imagine our future relationship with work to make it more healthy and human? In this event, Marco Giglio from BCG in Italy will talk about his company's current efforts to improve wellbeing and the important role of purpose. Chris Moore from Thoughtworks will speak about organisational change and how new more human-conscious business models are emerging. Finally, acknowledging how wellbeing doesn't solely come from the workplace, J Paul Neeley, director of design studio Neeley Worldwide, will talk about optimising for happiness in a complex world.
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Marco Giglio
Managing Director of Design and Engineering at BCG Platinion and founder of design studio Gaia
As an entrepreneur for nearly 20 years, Marco runs Gaia, a cutting edge design studio driving companies to change by design. Marco vigorously advocates for human-centred design and the design thinking approach to empower collaboration among talented people working at the intersection of people needs, technology inspirations and business opportunities. He has a wide experience in digital transformation and innovation of meaning, redesigning experiences for Insurance, Banking, Energy and Automotive industries on the whole customer journey, delivering solutions with top ranks of adoption while promoting a customer-centric culture. Within the designers community, he also gives his contributions to the “Politecnico di Milano” University as founder, partner of Design Thinking for Business Observatory and advisory board member of the “Product Service System Design” Faculty.
Chris Moore
Principal Business Analyst at Thoughtworks
Chris Moore helps organisations who seek change to visualise the complexities in their ecosystems through analysis and design. Alongside his day job, he is a PhD design research candidate at the Royal College of Art. His research is exploring how design methods can impact organisational and leadership strategies. As a creative thinker with over 25 years’ experience delivering technology-driven change, he supports senior stakeholders to meet their strategic objectives.
J Paul Neeley
Director of Neeley Worldwide, Head of Design at Parlia and co-founder of the School of Critical Design
J. Paul is a designer and researcher based in London. His current design work explores the social, cultural, economic, and ethical implications of emerging technologies, designing speculative futures that help us engage with possibilities as a way of reframing and understanding anew our current state. His recent projects have focused on climate change, happiness, healthcare & wellbeing, self-quantification, future mobility, AI, synthetic biology, and issues of complexity and computational irreducibility in design and business. J. Paul consults in Service & Speculative Design at Neeley Worldwide with his current focus on Parlia, a company building an encyclopedia of the world's opinions to improve civil discourse and the winner of a Google DNI Grant. He also teaches at the School of Critical Design, an experimental design studio focused on critical issues facing humanity for the next 1,000 years. He runs Masamichi Souzou, an organisation working on the optimisation of happiness through the consideration of everything. Besides, He is a tutor in Service Design at the Royal College of Art, and he has guest lectured at Imperial College: Computer Science, RCA: Design Interactions, RISD, NYU: ITP, Köln International School of Design, and SVA: Design for Social Innovation.
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