Sara Alhajri

Final Show: 3rd - 4th February 2023
MA 2023

Before studying at the RCA I did my BA in Graphic Design and Digital Media and worked as a visual designer in different fields.

As a visual person I’m interested in art, design and communication. I enjoy working on projects and reading about art and designs that has a message and a meaning behind it and connects more with the human/ user.

Throughout this course I got the chance to explore different projects expand my knowledge and skills, communicate with different target audiences in creative and visual ways, and it gave me the chance to experiment with different design tools.

I was introduced to new content to help use as research and inspiration from locations, materials, objects, people and facilities that helped support my work. 

I got the chance to learn to get out of my design comfort zone, connect more with the people and really get to learn and experience empathy in design.

As well as learning as a team how we can be a support system for each other and balance out our roles for the results to be a beneficial service and experience for us, the tutors and mainly the people we are designing and working for.

Final Project

Drip is a behaviour-changing service that enables more sustainable choices in fashion, developing people’s identity and supporting smaller, ethically focused fashion brands.

The team developed an alternative journey from current overconsumption and related environmental and personal financial consequences.

The use of smart image recognition, computer vision, and AI technology helps inspire, discover, and curate personalised fashion choices and is driven by a carefully targeted, designed, and intuitive system.

WIP project 2022

Our partner Oasis is on a difficult journey to reform the youth justice system by opening their first Secure School, an alternative to the current Young Offender Institutes. Their success will be measured by the reduction rate of reoffending after walk out. We believe that the key to mitigate reoffending is in successful rehabilitation in the community. Project Become is a progress tracker to be used by the Oasis Secure School.

Become is based on our hypothesis that tracking the kids progress through the positive behaviour framework of COM-B and making it visible to the children will boost their transformation. This progress must be compiled into a portfolio containing a resume of skills, recommendations from staff and peers, and a profile written by themselves, which will help them reintegrate back into society and help society to be more accepting.