Nilay Kachalia

Open Studio: 3rd - 4th February 2023
MA 2023

This course has been an ideal next step for someone like me who often finds himself in the middle of disciplines. Every domain has problems and hence, opportunities where creative thinking can be involved to make a change. The most interesting of those problems are the wicked problems that have plagued our world. I have deeply engaged myself in projects at the RCA concerning large social problems such as social cohesion, youth justice and immigration. These have been real projects with real partners such as Landsec, Oasis Schools etc. The outcomes of these projects are fruits of passionate research, mind-expanding creative thinking, rigorous practice and ever extending networks.

I have also studied Sociology at the bachelors level at Mumbai University together with a 4yr Design Diploma in Product Design at ISDI Parsons Mumbai (Now Atlas Skilltech) in Mumbai, India. Following that, I started as a intern in 2018, and ever since have been periodically rewarded higher positions with great commendations from my peers to exitting as a Center of Excellence Lead for Human Factors International after working with them for over 4yrs. The growth and position has given me credible exposure to a professional fast paced, intellectually fueled working environment as a design consultant managing internal and external stakeholder expectations. I have also interned with Service Futures Lab & Nomo Bank, along with freelance Senior UX consulting on the side.

final project 2022

WIP project 2022


How can design facilitate migrants integrate into urban environments?