Nilay Kachalia

Final Show: 3rd - 4th February 2023
MA 2023

At the Royal College of Art studying M.A in Service Design - I have found myself at the pursuing and recieving end of researching and design for complex problems. Design for social impact is something that drives me and I believe all experience I gather as a designer in any field can be eventually and/or simultaneously be applied for good of all humanity. My experience of 4+ years as a UX researcher and Designer, from an Intern to a Design Lead heading my own team I have been able to channel my natural curiosity and intuition into my practice that is only strengthened through great insight and leaps of faith. All of the above is only further informed by my undergraduate studies in Product Design, Sociology and even Behavioral Economics from the London Business School. I am always up for a chai and conversation so please do not hesitate to connect.

Final Project 2023

Our project looks at the next stage of integration of immigrants in multicultural cities. For this we defined a theory of pollination that will help enable interculturalism in multicultural cities through sharing. Following the same, we designed a hospitality service that utilises the pollination theory in food to hardwire sharing experiences and cultural norms leading to tolerance among people.

WIP project 2022

Our partner Oasis is on a difficult journey to reform the youth justice system by opening their first Secure School, an alternative to the current Young Offender Institutes. Their success will be measured by the reduction rate of reoffending after walk out. We believe that the key to mitigate reoffending is in successful rehabilitation in the community. Project Become is a progress tracker to be used by the Oasis Secure School.

Become is based on our hypothesis that tracking the kids progress through the positive behaviour framework of COM-B and making it visible to the children will boost their transformation. This progress must be compiled into a portfolio containing a resume of skills, recommendations from staff and peers, and a profile written by themselves, which will help them reintegrate back into society and help society to be more accepting.


How can design facilitate migrants integrate into urban environments?