Mae White

Open Studio: 3rd - 4th February 2023
MA 2023

I'm Mae Leng White, a Singaporean American Service Designer raised in Qatar.

I began my professional journey in Spain where I honed my skills in design, but my true passion has always been in utilising those skills to improve upon social issues through service-oriented endeavours. Since embarking on my Master's degree at the Royal College of Art, I have made it my mission to utilise design as a powerful instrument for uplifting, empowering, and promoting equity, particularly for individuals and communities from lower socio-economic backgrounds.

In my previous projects, I have employed empathy and transparency as guiding principles in the design process when creating solutions. Whether it was through developing tools for the classroom or an app for vendors of The Big Issue to improve communication with customers on a digital platform, all of my efforts have been geared towards enabling people to connect with and understand each other better.

I believe that the greatest legacy I can leave on this world is to address poverty at its source. My design journey will involve taking an educational, entrepreneurial, or systemic approach, or a combination of all of these, to achieve this goal.

Previous Degrees

Bachelor in Design at IE University, 2021

final project 2022

WIP project 2022

Our proposition for incorporating the role of a "Shared-Experience Mentor" (SEM) within the staffing structure of Oasis Restore is a crucial step towards implementing effective justice reform.

The plan carefully outlines the guidelines for hiring SEMs, their responsibilities, and the tools that will be provided to the children in the facility. By providing these children with a mentor who understands them and can build positive relationships with them, we believe that we can significantly decrease the likelihood of reoffending.