Almas Ratna Salsabila

MA 2024

Hi, I am Almas!

I am experienced in creating innovative services and customer experiences for the public sector, including healthcare, transportation, and community engagement. Skilled in addressing complex social, economic, and political issues. Leveraging an architectural background to seamlessly integrate physical and digital touchpoints, delivering exceptional and holistic user experiences.

Final Project

"Fare by All, for All" tackles the issue of fare evasion in London, which significantly affects Transport for London (TfL) by leading to considerable revenue losses each year and the safety of staff and passengers. This in turn has a major effect on TfL's future developments and also law-abiding passengers. Our project proposes encouraging witnesses to participate in combating

By informing the public about how fare dodging harms the entire transportation system, we aim to foster a sense of collective responsibility. Additionally, involving the community in reporting fare evaders helps create a fairer and more sustainable transportation network. Through these efforts, we strive to ensure that the cost of public transit is equitably shared by all users.

WIP project 2022