Alexander Burdett

6 June 2022 - 12 June 2022
MA 2022

I am a Service Designer, futurist and creative catalyst, with a passion for working with people. I collaborate with stakeholders and members of the public to craft projects that empower people to navigate complexity and think differently about the future. I combine the rigour of my academic background with the "if this, then what else" of design to explore, rather than justify, ideas and discover unseen problems. Service design is about exploring new systems and ways to experience the future.

I love how good service design transforms people, places and organisations. Good quality design creates real impact on all scales big to small and dynamic changing environments: from relationships to embedded carbon in supply chains to strategic design. At RCA my practice has evolved through exploring and prototyping new end-to-end services with three industry partners on urgent problems:

Brompton Bicycle: Interaction design and imagination infrastructuring to generate safety in cities on bicycle school commuting.

HM Department for Transport + PA Consulting: Experience design and charging grid design for electric vehicle chargepoint surging to improve the user experience of the next electric vehicle charging grid.

NHS Transformation Directorate (NHSX): Behaviour design at the early intervention stage with Binge Eating Disorder in 18-21 year olds and prevent Severe eating disorders in later life.


• MA Service Design

Royal College of Art (2022)

• BA(Hons) History

King's College London /  University of St Andrews (2015)


I have previously worked as a analyst for Multiverse (UK/US), now a "unicorn" reinventing education and reskilling in the face of technological change; also Second Home (London,LA,Lisboa) an international creative workspace, using design to create post-WeWork environments that fragment siloes and help companies grow 10% faster while bathed in natural light; interning as IP analyst at Founders Factory Africa (US/SA), structuring the massive expansion of Nigerian, South African and Kenyan entrepreneurship in the world's fast growing continent.


• Work in Progress Show, RCA, January 2022

Final Project 2022

WIP project 2022

TIMO, a human-centred data platform, connects drivers and communities across a dynamic network of 25,000 local UK chargers. We are shaping a smooth transition to EV and a zero-carbon future worldwide.


Algorithm  |  Wisdom

AI Design Interventions/Techfugees